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Ray Corrigan

Ray Corrigan is a Senior Lecturer in Technology and author of 'Digital Decision Making: Back to the Future', published by Springer-Verlag in 2007. He wrote the OU's 'Law, the Internet and Society: Technology and the Future of Ideas' course, now available openly on OpenLearn, as well as a variety of other materials on the environment and information and communications technologies.  Ray blogs random thoughts on law, the Internet and society at B2fxxx and occasionally at open2.net

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He has direct responsibility on a day to day level for about 70 associate lecturers and 1500 undergraduate students in the South of England studying the whole range of Open University technology courses.
Before alighting in academia he spent nearly ten years in a variety of roles in industry.


Contact information

T. +44 (0)1865 327000
r.corrigan at open.ac.uk



U101, T151, T175, T205, T211, T214, T215, T224, T306, T307, T320, T324, T325, T455, T863

Academic interests

Ray dabbles in the use of the Internet and digital technologies in education, having been at the front line of the OU’s industrial-scale deployment of e-learning for many years. Research interests include interacting developments in law and technology and their wider effects on society. 


Recent output

Digital Decision Making: Back to the Future by Ray Corrigan Published by Springer-Verlag, 2007

Corrigan, R. (2012) It's no joke - reading between and beyond the lines of the Twitter joke trial GikII VII 2012, UEA London, September 2012

Corrigan, R. (2012) Regulation & trust in the digital economy - an uneasy relationship Trust & the Digital Economy Workshop,
University of Aberdeen, September 2012

Corrigan, R. (2011),
Information Policy Making: developing the rules of the road for the information society (or the anatomy of a Digital Economy Act) in Perspectives on Information by Ramage, M.(ed) and Chapman, D.(ed), Routledge.

Corrigan, R. (2010) Book Review ‘Net Neutrality: towards a co-regulatory solution’ by Christopher T. Marsden SCRIPT-ed Journal of Law, Technology and Society Vol.7, Issue 3, pp.578-583

Rogers, M., Tomalin, J., Corrigan, R. (2010) The economic impact of consumer copyright exceptions: A literature review, Consumer Focus Report

Analysis of NLA v Meltwater [2010] EWHC 3099 (Ch) Case No: HC10C01718

Corrigan, R. (2010) Response to DG Information Society and Media public consultation on the open internet and net neutrality

Corrigan, R. (2010) Response to Ofcom consultation on ‘Traffic management and net neutrality’

Corrigan, Ray (2010) Curing mathematically illiterate policy makers Gikii V conference on law, technology and culture, University of Edinburgh, June 2010

Ray was an academic consultant on the OU & BBC’s Digital Emmy and Bafta award winning series on the history of the Internet, The Virtual Revolution (2010)

Corrigan, Ray (2009) Ecology, intellectual property and a five point plan for a sustainable public domain  Gikii IV Workshop on the intersections between law, technology and popular culture, Institute for Information Law (IViR), University of Amsterdam, September 2009

Corrigan, Ray The Key Role of Tutors WIPO Workshop for Distance Learning Tutors & Administrators, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Academy, Geneva. Keynote address, November 23 to 25, 2009

Corrigan, Ray (2008) Current UK copyright legislation - how it compares internationally and who are the winners and losers? Opening keynote address to the Westminster eForum keynote seminar: Intellectual Property and the future of copyright, 31st March 2008 Westminster SW1

Corrigan, R. (2008) Back to the Future: Digital Decision Making
Information & Communications Technology Law, Volume 17, Issue 3 , pp 199 - 220

Corrigan, Ray (2008)
Airborne minefields and Fighter Command's information system Gik III International Geek Law Conference, Oxford Internet Institute, September 2008